—  Bubba Williams, Owner & Manager
Statesboro Tire & Brake

"All of the employees are very helpful and friendly.  They are very eager to assist in any way possible."

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Do you want to present your personalized documents or photographs in a professional way? Unibind offers a perfect application for all your presentation needs! Unibind makes it easy to find the perfect product that fits your needs.

The UniBinder 120 features the latest technology for the easy binding of your documents. The UniBinder 120 can bind documents from 1 to 120 sheets using only 4 cover sizes, so is both economical and fast. It's ideal for any size of document in any office.

The UniBinder 8.2 is the newest technology for a neat presentation of your document.  It is designed for office use: flexible covers on an easy to use machine. It binds documents from 1 till 340 sheets with only 5 spine sizes of covers.

The UniBinder 8.1 combines the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element. It binds documents from 1 till 120 sheets with only 3 spine sizes of covers.