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Why should I get a service contract for my copier?

Been wondering if you should try your luck with buying supplies as needed and waiting to repair your machine on the spot if it breaks down?? #AskTheExpert

What is included in a service contract?

A service contract will cover repairs that are directly related to the device itself, but not the network in which it operates. The minimum industry standard benefits covered by a service contract are breakdown/quality issues, subsequent parts and labor, as well as priority service over clients without a service contract. Most service contracts will also include all your toner and preventative maintenance parts and labor. Another very valuable benefit that is provided by some dealers is the complimentary use of a loaner unit if your device cannot be immediately repaired; however, this isn’t an industry standard, and you should always check with the dealership if they offer this service before signing a service contract.

Why should you invest in a service contract?

When leasing, you may be required to have a service contract and the cost can be included in your lease agreement. However, when buying there are still plenty of benefits a service contract provides that make it a smart investment. For example:


A service contract prevents unanticipated repair expenses and gives you budget predictability. With a service contract, if something goes wrong, simply call your dealer and a service technician will come and repair the device, at no additional cost.

Service calls can cost as much as $150 per hour if you are not covered, not including parts. Without a service contract, a single unexpected malfunction could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair.

• Less downtime

In the event of a breakdown, your productivity may grind to a halt. With a service contract, you are guaranteed faster service over customers who do not have a contract. In addition, most contracts allow for regular preventative maintenance which can often resolve problems before they become critical. Some offer the use of a loaner device to use in the interim while your machine is being repaired – however, this isn’t standard practice. Be sure to check with your provider if this is included in your agreement.

• Consumables are often included

Nothing is worse than running out of toner when your team is on a tight deadline. With a service contract, you can order supplies as needed or your device can be monitored remotely for auto shipping. Some service contracts will even ship the necessary items directly to your office so they will be available the next day or same day with local delivery options.

When should you have a service contract?

Should you buy a service contract when getting a new copier or printer? It’s arguably one of the most important questions to consider when purchasing a new device for your office. Unfortunately, the benefits aren’t always made clear to a prospective buyer. Ultimately, what a service contract provides you with is a peace of mind. Your device will be kept properly maintained and help prevent any surprise expenses. It can also help minimize or eliminate downtime. This is critically important if your day-to-day business depends on your device.

At Digital Office Equipment our first concern is the well-being of our clients. That’s why we offer “white glove service”. Ask your solutions consultant what differentiates DOE from the other dealers in the area. Call us today at 912.489.6964!

Neil Feller, Director of Recruiting & Major Account Development

Digital Office Equipment 912.489.6964 x 1009

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