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It's time to automate your mail processing!  From Postage Meters to Folders, Inserters and more, DOE carries the full line of FP Mailing Solutions.  Our mail handling options can reduce costs and improve office productivity.  The digital postage machines save trips to the post office by allowing you to download postage electronically.  If you send more than 5 pieces in the mail each day, our services can benefit you!  

From the entry-level PostBase Mini to enterprise-ready CentorMail, you’ll find a postage meter to meet your business mailing needs.

Make quick work of processing incoming mail with these speedy envelope openers. With speeds ranging from 24,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour, you’re sure to find an appropriate solution to dramatically reduce the time required to open letters and mail received in your mailroom or office.

Imagine the opportunity cost of time lost from manually folding paper sheets for mailing jobs. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task, but there is an easy remedy: A folding machine from FP™ Mailing Solutions.

Whether you have a small business office or a full-scale corporate mailroom, you’ll find an address printer to meet your needs, all supported by FP™ Mailing Solutions’ renowned customer service. FP's commercial-grade address printers apply addresses to envelopes at far higher speeds than standard office printers.

Manually collating, folding and stuffing letters, invoices, brochures and other mail pieces can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Folding-inserting equipment automates this process by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.

Upgrade your current mail room interior design with this sleek, contemporary line of furniture. FP furniture products are height adjustable and available in custom sizes, offering flexibility to fit comfortably in your workplace.

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