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Join us this holiday season as we collect slipper socks for local seniors who reside in nursing facilities.

In 2016, our DOE staff came up with ideas for what we could do as a company to help others during the holidays.  One thing we all decided on is that we'd like to visit and do something special for the seniors in our community residing in nursing homes who may be alone or forgotten during the holiday season.  As we spoke with local facility coordinators, they were excited for us to visit and said one of the main things the residents needed (besides a smiling face and conversation) were socks to keep their feet warm.  We found non-slip socks to bring as a small gift to let them know they are not forgotten! But mostly, they enjoyed having us come and talk with them!


Last year was a huge success, but we want to do more.  We were only able to visit 3 facilities, so our goal is to double that this year!  Our vision is to utilize this program to spread cheer across our communities!  If you, your church, civic club or business would like to help with this project please let us know.   You can sign up to collect socks, be a drop-off location for socks, or help deliver socks and goodies.


Help us make the holidays cozier for our Seniors!

Email us at for more information or call 912.489.6964 to speak with Abbie or Nichole.

For Seniors


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